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I believe every woman has courage and fear, strength and weaknesses, and also beautiful tears and smiles .We can learn so much from each other. We can support each other, share empathy, strength and compassion throughout the day. I just think as women we are so blessed.  This to me is a form of beauty, an appreciation of life in its fullest sense. So, I am sharing with you something I found to be beautiful on my life’s journey.

Yoga as an art which takes a holistic view of person, came to me as a gift, which I have embraced into my life.

My journey as a yoga teacher started in New Zealand, after completing my Master on Leisure and Recreation, I became an accredited Yoga teacher. I taught classes to women and men but also became interested in teaching yoga to children in classroom. That time I had three beautiful boys in the school.  I wanted to encourage them to be more aware of  their posture in class, so  it would help them to relax and learn more effectively.


Although I didn’t know it at the time (teaching Vinyasa flow in studio), I was also developing the basis for Yoga Through My Day (YTMD) program.

Vinyasa flow is continuous variations of conscious movements with a  breath, integrating a change and rhythm through transition and transformation. It can  easy relate to YTMD. I see both connected to temporary nature of things and movements in our lives.

Interlaced synonym words to express myself teaching  Vinyasa flow and  to live YTMD are:

  • Strength, persistent, focus, clarity, power, decision, encouragement
  • Softness, gracefulness, subtleness, surrenders, gentleness, easiness

We all have different priorities during our different  stages of life.  More or less we are going through different transitions and transformations; emotionally, mentally, physically and  energetically.

Today at age of 50,  YTMD helps me to:

    • move smoothly, lightly, freely through the day.
    • be aware of my assets and liabilities,
    • look, but not to stare in the past
    • recognise priorities in the day, to keep them simple and pragmatic.
    • express my self as beautiful women, mother, sister, daughter, friend.
    • appreciate my gifts and blessings.
    • play a game with  my swing mood and brain explosion
    • be persistent but not stubborn.
    • observe, but no need to understand everything
    • nurture the sense of healthy humor
    • encourage others to worship life
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