About Me

I believe every woman has beautiful courage and fear, strength and weaknesses, and also beautiful tears and smiles. I just believe in beauty and beautiful women! So, I am sharing with you something I found to be beautiful on my life’s journey.

Something that I have been thinking about and working on for years: Yoga Through My Day. Yoga as an art which takes a holistic view of person, came to me as a gift, which I have embraced into my life.  Yoga Through My Day isn’t just about the words and pictures on this website.

Behind them is a journey that started in New Zealand when, after completing my Master on Leisure and Recreation, I became an accredited Yoga teacher. I taught classes to women and men but also became interested in teaching yoga to children   I wanted to encourage them to be more aware of their breathing and their posture in class, so  it would help them to relax and learn more effectively.  Although I didn’t know it at the time I was developing the basis for Yoga Through My Day.

I did a lot of thinking on how I could share my ideas with more women and children.  You would not believe how many monologues and dialogues I had with myself! So, I decided the first thing I needed to do was to simplify my priorities.

We all have different priorities during our different  stages of life.  There needs to be a way to simplify so many contesting priorities: for me yoga has given me that.  Incorporating the beauty of Yoga Through My Day into daily life and sharing it for all to benefit from, is something I enjoy most about yoga. Another thing which I found important to emphasize  is gratefulness and appreciation to all women in my extended family and to women I have met on different continents.

We can learn so much from each other. We can support each other, share empathy, strength and compassion throughout the day. I just think as women we are so blessed.  This to me is a form of beauty, an appreciation of life in its fullest sense.




In New Zealand with my three beautiful boys