My hands everything understands

Today I would like to remind you to look at your hands. Aren’t they incredibly beautiful, useful, strong and irreplaceable? They serve us and others every day. Do you know that fingers and palms correspond to our emotions and organs? So, with a range of motions and massage ( repeating a few times), we can stimulate and maintain our whole wellbeing. Think about where you can do those motions of your hands? ( even underneath the table at the serious meeting!). You can apply a few drops of your favourite oil or hand cream. They love it.

-Start rubbing your hands to feel the warmth you create.
-Open, close your hands few times, feeling the blood flow in the fingers.
-Make fists and rotate your wrists, clockwise and anti-clockwise. You can interlock your fingers and repeat.
-Press fingertips together firmly than slowly close your hands into a praying position. Open them, pressing wrists and elbows together. You create a beautiful flower.
-Tap, tap, tap your fingertips together, to stimulate nerve endings.
-Massage each little joint in a circular motion, finishing; slide up to the tip of the finger.
-Squeeze, hold, and release each finger. Finally, rub your wrists.
-Use the thumb in a slow circular motion over the palm. Take your time.
– Place fingers on the top of the other hand and glide over a few times.
-Finishing, rub your hands again and notice the differents as you started.

Close your eyes and feel the sensation you created it. Gently place them on your lap or ovaries. Or one on your chest, the other one on your solar plexus. Yes, our hands can also heal us and others. Can you feel how happy they are when you take care of them?

“Smartphone Slump”? No, thanks

Counteracting Smartphone Slump is easy. Just don’t look down at your phone and instead bring your phone up to eye level. Yes, you’ll look like you’re constantly taking selfies, but it will keep your head balanced on top of your spine and relieve the muscles in your back, shoulders and neck. It is natural, simple and beautiful. A lot of good reasons to try it.


RRRR…RRRR…sound of lawn mower machine already at 7 am. Well is Tuesday and  most of the people  are up in these apartments.  But still, not my favourite sound for any morning during the week. I keep looking through the window down the busy streets. I can see birds flying under my window, and mosquito trying to get through my glass. How they can come so high and they don’t get tired? 6th floor and here they are. I suppose their journey take few days and they rest and feed on the floors under mine. For sure uninvited guests, who really suck my blood and I give them a applause trying to catch them.

My eyes are moving toward the street under my window. A car is turning into this street. First it slow down to avoid an open rubbish bin. Then it slow down again because of two grandmothers holding each other under the arms walking very, very slow on the street.  After avoiding them, a car has to stop because of the dog,  wondering around the street. Yes everything and everybody is on the street, because footpath is busy by parked cars.  10 meters of driving so much happening for a driver!

From my bird perspective a scenario on the street looks like from the funny movie. Yes, always funny when you are not in the car and always not funny when you are in the car.

How many signs to slow down I get and I don’t see them. To slow down with my mind not just with my body. Im still learning. Im learning often with my father when he is driving me. He always find  apologies for everybody on the street. And not just apologies, but apologies with a humour. He will make out excuses for others. Lets say: you see now we have to slow down because this guy front of us is dancing too much left and right, who knows what in his mind? … For pedestrians always stop further away so you don’t scare them being to close, special small children and old people…. Just take your time gandpa, even stick, doesn’t help you to get faster…Look at this house, very nice colour…. . Now we will turn right here, because we will avoid a traffic and its nice street to drive down. I will show you a garden which I think its very beautiful. ….Then he will tell me a joke, or if he hear a song on the radio he will start singing. And yes always some lollies are in the car to taste them. I realise after years he enjoy his senses fully while he is driving and he share his enjoyment with others in the car. For sure with my father I have to  jump in the car earlier, because its so much happening on the way before I get where I  want it. If he wait in the car for me, he always has some newspaper to read or he take a short nap. When he open his eyes I can hear: and  now its time  for a coffee. I think Yoga through my day in the car I learned the most from my father and I have need, not a wish, to share this with you. Maybe, slowing down, opening our senses can help us  to know, we can choose to drive safer and with more enjoyment, because driving is also a journey not just a destination. Yes, same as a life.


Our body is not made to be static for long periods in any position, that’s why Mini Yoga Pauses help create a mindful break to keep us aware of our beautiful posture. For that reason I call Mini Yoga Pauses  “Happy Rituals” and  by doing them several times a day they do become “Habitual”. Through a series of accessible 23 Yoga poses almost any woman can create a space and time every day for few moments  into her daily activities. That is why their aim is based on free use and the benefits each women will feel different.These Mini Yoga Pauses contain one pose written in rhymes (which may be linked to another if needed) which you can do almost anywhere anytime in almost any clothing.

Yet every day at different times I can be in a different mood. More active and energized sometimes.  More reflective and relaxed other times. That is why Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH) has three different mood ‘settings’ and each pose has been specifically created to nurture  our beautiful body.

Dynamic poses: Dynamic flows for an energetic glow. This cycle of poses flows from one movement to another. They are open and expansive movements that awaken our whole body in an enthusiastic way. They are active, rhythmic movements that through a repetitive flow warm up our body and promote deeper and faster breathing.

 Stimulative poses: Gentle stimulation for better motivation. These poses aim to increase alertness and vital energy in a more gentle way than Dynamic Poses. The movements are slower and nurture our whole body through their focus on specific parts of the body.

 Relaxed posesRelaxing the body and mind makes peace easy to find. These poses can help us to feel more grounded and calm during short periods of rest and guide us to surrender. By yielding into the pose, these postures promote stillness and balance through deep, slow, soft breathing.

It doesn’t matter where we are or how we feel, we can use any of these poses at any time because there is no other gear needed – just you and your will to enter a Happy Ritual! Give yourself a gift to create a beautiful opportunity to feel a joy and uncover the beauty within yourself.

A sequence Vinyasa flow – Warrior 1,2,3, Humble and Peaceful Warrior, teaches me one of the key principles of yoga asana practice; Surrendering to the balance of steadiness and ease. Staying with the breath, sometimes I can recognize my ego, anger and arrogance doing Warriors flow. But at the same time, it gives me an opportunity to overcome, by transforming them to the strength, courage and self-confidence. For sure the warriors challenge and test me. Give a try and notice your feelings through the flow of warriors. How does it feel? If you are interested for Skype yoga with me, contact yoga.aleks

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