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Breathing is Life Receiving

Breathing is Life Receiving (How Can I Keep Up with My Natural, Optimal Breathing?)

Yes, just breathing. One of the most beautiful powers we have. A breath is a wave between body and mind. A  breath is just everything in everything. You can’t do anything without it. It’s the first thing, and the last thing, we do in our lives. Unfortunately most of the time we don’t breathe enough, or  we hold the breath not being aware how less oxygen we bring to our cells throughout the body and head. When we were children we held breath going through a tunnel or swimming under the water. Now we hold our breath while we are listening to somebody, or while we are doing something seriously responsible.  Which is not necessary at all.  Especially not with a serious wrinkles.

The length of our breath during the day can be also quite short and shallow, except when we have some loud arguments. We are surprised by ourselves, how many sentences we can express in one breath – Incredible.

It is important to know there is no right way to breathe, but it is a wrong habit which it is accepted as the norm.  To change any habit we need encouragement, time and practice. Any  techniques  of Breathing is Life Receiving are encouragements techniques to release a potentiality of our breathing. Give yourself a time and enjoy all the benefits from the diversity of breathing techniques when you move less or more throughout  the day.

How can  we  breathe more beautifully throughout the day?

We know our brain need an oxygen to function better and our rear is connected to the brain.  If we are sitting too long, our brain is getting also slower. During the day we don’t  always have  opportunity to go jogging, playing a team sport, do fast walking, or to do something where can our heart, lungs, brains, cells  get more oxygen. To know how to guide breathing  also helps us  to manage  stress or anxiety. Breathing techniques are a great opportunity for that, plus abdominal muscles get stronger, the body lighter and the eyes brighter. A lot of good reasons to do it, isn’t it?

I also notice since Im breathing more mindfully during the day Im keeping my nostril passages more clean. Actually I have to say I didn’t put attention at all to my nose, during the day.  Except when it was blocked, I notice how much my nostril passages are important to me.

So often fatigue, tiredness comes from not breathing correctly through the day. We all used to breathe beautifully, when we were children. But then through life, because of external things  and wrong habits our breathing becomes led by it.  Combination of these two things can restrict our natural way of movements and breathing.  Our breathing can be led by  feelings in our body because they are interrelated. We all experienced a feeling before some performance, exam, competition, speech, by  taking few deep breaths in and out to release emotional tension.   It was natural way to do it without thinking. What a relief after a deep sigh. Or after a sincerely laugh or cry.

We can make our breathing fast or slow, shallow or deep, or we can choose to pause breathing altogether when our body is  still or on the move.  So, when we  extend our body or moving our arms away from the body, usually we breathe in. Breathing in, increase the blood flow through the body, oxygen into the cells and it gives vitality to the organs. But when we bend our body or moving our arms toward the body we breathe out. Breathing out, push more blood and oxygen toward the body and head and it has calming effect on the nervous system. So, how can  we  keep up with natural, optimal breathing?

To integrate breathing mindfully throughout the day, I have tried to simplify  and make an easier approach to women. I put a few Breathing techniques, which you can integrate through any activities you do throughout the day. It can be done on the move, when you are sitting, standing or lying. Just see which one you will start with.  Slowly and gradually,  step by step, we can wake up our capacity and potentiality of natural breathing.  Let’s feel the beauty of breathing. That’s exactly what we need during the day; a good breathing. Don’t forget a breath its literally right under your nose and its for free. Recommendation: keep your little nose tidy.










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