My hands everything understands

Today I would like to remind you to look at your hands. Aren’t they incredibly beautiful, useful, strong and irreplaceable? They serve us and others every day. Do you know that fingers and palms correspond to our emotions and organs? So, with a range of motions and massage ( repeating a few times), we can stimulate and maintain our whole wellbeing. Think about where you can do those motions of your hands? ( even underneath the table at the serious meeting!). You can apply a few drops of your favourite oil or hand cream. They love it.

-Start rubbing your hands to feel the warmth you create.
-Open, close your hands few times, feeling the blood flow in the fingers.
-Make fists and rotate your wrists, clockwise and anti-clockwise. You can interlock your fingers and repeat.
-Press fingertips together firmly than slowly close your hands into a praying position. Open them, pressing wrists and elbows together. You create a beautiful flower.
-Tap, tap, tap your fingertips together, to stimulate nerve endings.
-Massage each little joint in a circular motion, finishing; slide up to the tip of the finger.
-Squeeze, hold, and release each finger. Finally, rub your wrists.
-Use the thumb in a slow circular motion over the palm. Take your time.
– Place fingers on the top of the other hand and glide over a few times.
-Finishing, rub your hands again and notice the differents as you started.

Close your eyes and feel the sensation you created it. Gently place them on your lap or ovaries. Or one on your chest, the other one on your solar plexus. Yes, our hands can also heal us and others. Can you feel how happy they are when you take care of them?

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