Nurturing Wellbeing in Our Children

A child’s posture should be something that unfolds naturally as a response by their body to the physical situation they are in. It should be comfortable, enabling correct breathing, flexible – but most of all, it should come naturally.

Reminding them to sit up straight or to constantly have to correct their posture means they are sitting ‘unnaturally’ but this has become a bad habit. Particularly in schools where we are not present to correct them and where they must be seated for long periods at a time. Almost all day every week day (apart from weekends and holidays) our children learn to sit incorrectly and so this reinforces a fixed stationary approach.


Group of bored pupils in a classroom, during lesson.


A child’s body is connected to the brain, both of which are in the process of growing and developing. We have to encourage children to keep with their natural movements of body while in the process of learning.

What are the options to help children to promote a natural sitting posture through the learning? This is the question Charlie Yo answers.


By creating a time for gentle stretches during classes. Charlie Yo is a set of mini pauses during the day to encourage children through self-reflection to do gentle flowing movements. Getting them up and having them move even as a short period of time, helps children to be more focus and relax through the learning process.

By finding simple solutions such as adjustments to chairs where possible. Children should be able to sit comfortably. It’s important to check that seats and desks or tables are an appropriate height for children as they grow and change.

By supporting and creating opportunities for movement. Charlie Yo enables children to move from one space to another within the classroom. Whether children are seated working in a small group in one area of the room, standing-up at workstations in another area, or sitting on the floor another area Charlie Yo gives reminders and cues to natural correct posture.

By encouraging children to use alternative seated positions. Charlie Yo provides children with an opportunity to use an alternative seated position, which can they do spontaneously while seated. It helps them to focus more on learning process and gives options such as: Legs bend under their rear, Cross sitting on the chair, Open legs while turning the chair around, Legs rested on something, Kneeling on the chair. Each are diverse correct sitting options which the child may choose.

Awareness of posture and a short period of self-reflection for both the body and mind are crucial throughout the day and encourage children to keep and nurture what is natural for them.

Charlie Yo posters and cards present a combination of 26 natural poses, encouraging children to integrate them into their daily lives. He demonstrates poses in a funny and relaxed way, which optimize flexibility, strength, balance and increased stamina through a holistic approach. These poses can be displayed in alphabetical order or in a three colors of various poses. All postures address a child’s needs and feelings, encompassing the whole body, despite what age they are. His movements are accompanied by rhymes to be easily memorized.

All these Charlie Yo poses can be done next to desks or tables or alternatively while seated. No special equipment is needed, and no changes are necessary to make a place suitable for these postures. The benefits of these poses for children can also be used by – teachers, educators, specialists, parents, therapists; to encourage children to incorporate healthy movements into their daily lives.

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