Deep relaxation – Yoga Nidra


All you need to do is lie down and listen to my voice, which will guide you to relax completely. Deep relaxation is recorded and lasts 18 minutes.


Deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra  is a lying down posture.  Your mind remains conscious, but your entire body relaxes completely, as if you were asleep.  If you have just completed the postures part of a yoga session then deep relaxation will integrate the benefit’s achieved from the postures . Otherwise deep relaxation can be done anytime during the day or at the end of the day, and it is beneficial for our whole body.

Before you begin deep relaxation make sure your room is warm and full of fresh air. Cover yourself with a blanket, because your body temperature drops as you relax. If your lower back is uncomfortable put a cushion under your knees and if you have an eye bag you can use it  to cover your eyes.


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