The Booklet Yoga Through My Day: Happy Rituals become Habitual


How Do I  Infuse  my Personal Mini Yoga Pauses anytime, anywhere in almost any clothes?

The Booklet HRBH set contains  23 snappy rhyming titles, to help you remember and 145 photographs with clear instructions.  Mini Yoga Pause Practices are designed to be either dynamic, stimulating or relaxing for our beautiful body.



Our body is not made to be static for long periods in any position, that’s why Mini Yoga Pauses help create a mindful break to keep us aware of our beautiful posture. For that reason I call Mini Yoga Pauses  “Happy Rituals” and  by doing them several times a day they do become “Habitual”. Through a series of accessible 23 Yoga poses almost any woman can create a space and time every day for few moments  into her daily activities. That is why their aim is based on free use and the benefits each women will feel different.These Mini Yoga Pauses contain one pose written in rhymes (which may be linked to another if needed) which you can do almost anywhere anytime in almost any clothing.

Yet every day at different times I can be in a different mood. More active and energized sometimes.  More reflective and relaxed other times. That is why Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH) has three different mood ‘settings’ and each pose has been specifically created to nurture  our beautiful body.

Dynamic poses: Dynamic flows for an energetic glow. This cycle of poses flows from one movement to another. They are open and expansive movements that awaken our whole body in an enthusiastic way. They are active, rhythmic movements that through a repetitive flow warm up our body and promote deeper and faster breathing.

 Stimulative poses: Gentle stimulation for better motivation. These poses aim to increase alertness and vital energy in a more gentle way than Dynamic Poses. The movements are slower and nurture our whole body through their focus on specific parts of the body.

 Relaxed posesRelaxing the body and mind makes peace easy to find. These poses can help us to feel more grounded and calm during short periods of rest and guide us to surrender. By yielding into the pose, these postures promote stillness and balance through deep, slow, soft breathing.

It doesn’t matter where we are or how we feel, we can use any of these poses at any time because there is no other gear needed – just you and your will to enter a Happy Ritual! Give yourself a gift to create a beautiful opportunity to feel a joy and uncover the beauty within yourself.



4 reviews for The Booklet Yoga Through My Day: Happy Rituals become Habitual

  1. Yogaleks

    Yogaleks (verified owner)

    This book is a small treasure – packed full of inspiration to help you integrate bite-sized portions of yoga into your day. I use it to help me take more (and better) breaks from the computer. The small size and spiral binding makes it easy to use – you can flip through the pages quickly to find something to try. Or follow the routines in order – whatever you feel like. Each set of poses can be done gently and easily, wherever you are. I like how Aleks’ character and sense of fun infuses the book – like the rhyming names and the intro photos..Aleks has a deep understanding of yoga and body movement; here she communicates her expertise in a way that’s easy to follow and learn from. I’d highly recommend trying this book throughout your day

  2. Yogaleks

    Yogaleks (verified owner)

    ‘Aleksandra Tanasic’s ‘Happy Rituals Become Habitual’ is the size of a small desk top calendar, and so makes a perfect companion to guide me through my daily yoga practice, wherever I may be. I usually practice yoga in my living room but have also taken this book with me on holidays, as it’s no hassle to pack it in my luggage and use it in hotel rooms, guest bedrooms etc. I love that each pose comes with a photo of Aleks, a rhyme to remember it by and an explanation of how the pose will benefit me, physically and emotionally. I wouldn’t be without it.’ “ Meryl

  3. Yogaleks

    Yogaleks (verified owner)

    This book really is about Everyday yoga. Even if you haven’t got time for a proper session these quick exercises can be incorporated into your day. Much of my workday is spent at a computer and I now have “Yoga Through My Day” alongside me to remind me to do some movement. The exercises are very compact, and you don’t look too crazy doing them at your desk! Try it- you’ll love it. Faye

  4. Yogaleks

    Yogaleks (verified owner)

    What I like best about the book is that it allows for me to do yoga at any time, when I am driving to and from work, sitting at my computer, cleaning the house, hanging out the washing, etc. The format of the book makes it easy to find whichever movement suits the situation at the time.
    The witty rhymes and short directions are useful, as they stick in my brain, and pop in at random times e.g. ribs away from hips. Since I have started using the book people have mentioned that my posture looks better (I have terrible posture) so that has been positive. The photographs are excellent and the personal advice about how you like to do the movements and when you do them is useful as it highlights opportunities to do these movements, which I wouldn’t think about. The book has helped me bring awareness to my body and not take it for granted. The next step for me will be to try and incorporate the relaxing poses more into my day.

    Overall, the HRBH book is an excellent, every day tool to help create body awareness, and mindfulness.
    Lots of love


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