Workshop: Yoga Through My Day


The Workshop YTMD will encourage and demonstrate a range of helpful and simple practices that will remind women how naturally and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout their day.

The Yoga Through My Day (YTMD) workshop will show, how natural and easy it is to integrate gentle movements and nourish good posture throughout the day. The YTMD program consists of two important components that encourages us to nurture our body:

  • Beautiful Bearing for Self-Caring focuses on the three main postures that we use during the day – standing, sitting and walking.
  • Practising good posture is important as it:
    • We give our bodies a good supply of nutrients, not wrinkling internal organs
    • We prevent stiffness in our muscles or joints
    • We let the flow of energy move through the channels in our body freely
    • We permit proper breathing
    • We make ourselves stronger
    • We feel and look beautiful


  • Happy Rituals become Habitual shows how simple it is to integrate ‘mini-yoga’ pauses throughout the day.
    • Mini yoga-pauses are important as they:
      • create a mindful rest to keep us aware of our body
      • correct any postural imbalance by improving postural alignment and clear our mind
      • prevent and relieve muscular tightness
      • give our brain and body a chance to reset and feel better

 YTMD practice sequences are designed to encourage and guide you, showing how easy and simple it is to regain your innate and natural posture and movement.  You won’t need any extra time as you integrate YTMD into the different activities you do during the day. Best of all, you can practice them anywhere, anytime in almost any clothing.

Workshop Details

This is an age-friendly and injury-free workshop. The ideal length is between 2 – 3 hours and the cost is based on group size and workshop length. YTMD Workshop is active but it wont make you work up a sweat. Your body and soul will be smiling at the end. Because  humor is  important to me,  be prepared to share your warmth and humor too with a great fun bunch of women.

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