Workshop: Yoga Through My Day

The Workshop YTMD will encourage and demonstrate a range of helpful and simple practices that will remind women how naturally and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout their day.

Cultures, the  days’ of rhythm, looks and fashion may be different between Europe and New Zealand,  but some things I realized are the same. It doesn’t matter what our life circumstances are; age, income or fitness, we as women are dealing with the same issues no matter where we are. The biggest issue is  time.

We often promise ourselves we will do things at the end of the day or week – and other things happen instead. I believe that every exercise we do in the morning, or at the end of the day, is beneficial for us. However, what we also do during the rest of the day is even more crucial.

The Workshop Yoga Through My Day (YTMD) will provide and demonstrate a range of helpful and simple practices that will remind women how naturally and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout their day. This is the essence of what I want to share with you: beauty.The series of beautiful postures and gentle movements you will infuse into your day are something that will allow you to become aware of the beauty around you and within you. This beauty will stay with you through your life and can be shared with others too.

What is in a Yoga Through My Day Workshop?

The ‘Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)’ program consists of three important practice sequences that encourages you to nurture  the flow of life’s power, beauty and joy in your body.

The first gift, Happy Rituals as Habitual utilizes ‘mini yoga pauses”, throughout our day to free us from the highly static and sedimentary physicality of our everyday lives.

The second, Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring centers on for the four main types of posture we use during our day.  Ways of modifying these postures to release our bodies’ natural grace, strength and energy while involved in everyday activities are demonstrated.

Finally, Breathing is Life Receiving turns the focus from our everyday lives its activities and on to our simplest and most natural but also ignored bodily process – breathing.   This gift effortlessly guide us through a ritual that create a mindful space to relax within and be at peace.

 We can  practice them mindfully within different activities or as a pause throughout our day  We can transform these moments  to keep the natural  essence of our beautiful being. YTMD practice sequence is designed to encourage and to inspire you, to break free from a passive sedentary lifestyle stricken with a chronical lack of time. It will remind you of the importance of self-awareness through a beautiful posture.

The Yoga Through My Day Workshop is active but it wont make you work up a sweat. Your body and soul will be smiling at the end. Because  humor is  important to me,  be prepared to share your warmth and humor too with a great fun bunch of women.


This is an age-friendly and injury-free workshop. The ideal length is between 2 – 3 hours and the cost is based on group size and workshop length.

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