Skype Yoga

Welcome to Skype Yoga Session

Why Skype Yoga?

  • you can roll in to the bed, or roll out of bed
  • you can do at a time suitable for you
  • you can be in your living room, on the road or in the office
  • you are free to do whatever make you feel good as you do it



A few simple steps to prepare yourself for Skype Yoga Class:

1. Email me at  to discuss price & appropriate time.

2. Payments have to be made at least 24 hours before the session.

3. Ensure you have the latest version of Skype.

4. Add me to your Skype contacts: yoga.aleks

5. Unroll your yoga mat.

IMPORTANT;  If you cant make appointment, then you can schedule it on the day (if availability schedule permits) within that month. There is a full price reservation fee for missed appointments without a 24 hour notice.

 Please Contact Me





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  1. Louise Thornley Reply

    I highly recommend Skype yoga with the lovely Aleks! Yoga in the comfort of your own home, with a skilled teacher leading you. What could be easier? Aleks is great at observing her students; even over Skype she notices your dodgy technique and suggests improvements! I feel really safe with Aleks; she knows yoga so well and knows how to move safely. Be patient at first with the Skype, it takes a couple of weeks to get used to it. Worth it though: Aleks makes yoga easy and fun – without having to leave the house.

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