Yoga Through My Day

Every exercise we do in the morning or at the end of the day is beneficial for us. However, what we also do during the rest of the day is even more crucial.

Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)  remind our body how natural and easy it is to integrate gentle movements and nourish good posture throughout the day.  The program (YTMD) consist two important components:

Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring  centres  on our natural posture and it address  the body as a whole, through everyday activities.  Our posture reflects how we feel and how it influences our life.   It is our non-verbal way of communicating and expressing ourselves to others.  Practising natural posture is important as:

  • We give our bodies a good supply of nutrients, not wrinkling internal organs
  •  We prevent stiffness in our  muscles or joints
  •  We let the flow of energy move through the channels in our body freely
  •  We permit proper breathing
  •  We make ourselves stronger
  •  We feel and look beautiful

Happy Rituals become Habitual   utilizes ‘mini yoga pauses”, throughout our day to free us from a highly static and sedentary lifestyle. HRBH encourage us to:

  • create a mindful pause to keep us aware of our body
  • correct any postural imbalance by improving postural alignment
  • prevent or relieve muscular tightness and pain
  • clear our mind and lower stress level
  • make us more focused and happier
  • give our brain and body a chance to rest and reset

Both components of  YTMD  (Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring and Happy Rituals become Habitual) encourage and support us to be aware of our natural body. We can move and do things through the day without slouching, slumping, hunching or creeping. And the best of all we can do YTMD  anywhere, anytime in almost any clothing! and  it stay with us for the rest of ours lives.

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