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Yoga Through My Day

What YTMD is ?

Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)   is a  beautiful way to move through the day and it consists two intertwined strands.

YTMD shows:

How and where can we nourish our body’s potentiality, to feel ease and free our posture and movements through the day?

The first strand is Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring (BBFSC) centres on our postural alignment because that’s our natural heritage. Our posture reflects how we feel and it influences our life.   It is also our non-verbal way of communicating and expressing ourselves to others,  Do you recognise the unconscious “relaxed” habit of slouching, hunching, slumping or even creeping through your day? Or conscious intention to bring your posture into upright “tense” position? However, aspiration of us is to utilize our body’s full potentiality and to have a pain free functional life, through everyday activities.

BBFSC shows:

  • How and where can we apply yoga poses in our daily activities to keep our body in ease and move with gravity through the day?

BBFSC doesn’t take extra time but it’s an effective way that we can take care of our primal postural alignment as the unique person that we are. Healthy posture significantly and easily improves our wellbeing.  BBFSC navigate us how easy we can infuse different yoga poses through daily activities and to create a good habit to nourish a beautiful posture for our lifetime.   (Learn more)


The second strand is Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH)  utilizes ‘mini yoga pauses”, throughout our day to free us from a highly static and sedentary lifestyle. It shows us how easy and simple we can create short mini-breaks to give ourselves a chance to prevent or relieve the body’s imbalance. 

HRBh shows :

  • How  and where can we infuse short and effective mini-breaks to rest or reset our body through the day? 

HRBH  helps us to instal a regular short break in different circumstances,  using our body’s full potentiality to be able to function through the day happier.  For that reason Mini Yoga Pauses are  “Happy Rituals” and by doing them several times a day, they do become our  “Habitual”. HRBH guide us gradually and progressively into our own practice with fluidity and light approach.

Both strands of  YTMD  Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring (BBFSC) and Happy Rituals become Habitual) (HRBH) encourage and navigate us How to be aware of our natural heritage and to nourish body’s potency through the day.

Why YTMD? It’s a natural way to strive and to explore to feel well through the day.  Our body is an amazing, magical mysterious art form and it is given to us to feel and move beautifully through the day.

When and Where to use YTMD?  We can choose and decide to nourish our primal posture and infuse short pauses through the day within daily activities. Using YTMD as a beautiful way, we can all do anywhere, anytime in almost any clothing and it stay with us for the rest of our lives .

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