Yoga Through My Day

Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)  remind our body of its natural way of being through a suite of three different but interrelated gifts. As a whole their effect is to give us the opportunity to nurture the flow of life’s power, beauty and joy.

The first gift, Happy Rituals become Habitual utilizes ‘mini yoga pauses”, throughout our day to free us from the highly static and sedimentary physicality of our everyday lives.

The second, Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring centers on for the four main types of posture we use during our day.  Ways of modifying these postures to release our bodies’ natural grace, strength and energy while involved in everyday activities are demonstrated.

Finally, Breathing is Life Receiving turns the focus from our everyday lives its activities and on to our simplest and most natural but also ignored bodily process – breathing.   This gift effortlessly guide us through a ritual that create a mindful space to relax within and be at peace.

Our bodies are made to move beautifully, to sit beautifully and our faces are more beautiful with happy wrinkles. Our thoughts and spoken words to ourselves and others can be more beautiful because of this. This is the essence of what I want to share with you: beauty.

We often promise ourselves we will do things at the end of the day or week – and other things happen instead.  The exercises we do in the morning, or at the end of the day are beneficial for us. However what we also do during the rest of the day is even more crucial.

The beautiful poses of YTMD encourage women  to nurture our bodies through the natural graceful movements. To practice them mindfully within different activities or as a pause throughout our day, can help us cultivate good qualities within us. We can transform these moments to keep the natural essence of our beautiful being.  Incorporating YTMD in our day reminds us how natural and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout our day.

This is for you as gift to yourself

    • a time for  self-compassion
    • a time for pause
    • a time to uncover your beauty


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