Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)  remind our body of its natural way of being through a suite of three different but interrelated gifts. As a whole their effect is to give us the opportunity to nurture the flow of life’s power, beauty and joy.

Breathing is Life Receiving

(How Can I Keep Up With My Natural, Optimal Breathing?)

Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring

(How Do I Nurture My Natural Posture and Movements Throughout My Day?)

Happy Rituals as Habitual

(How Do I  Infuse Personal Mini Yoga Pauses Anytime, Anywhere?)

Skype Yoga

(How Do I  Start Skype Yoga and Why?)

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youtube-icon-app-logo-png-9YOGA IN THE SKIRT

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Our body is not made to be static for long periods in any position, that’s why Mini Yoga Pauses help create a mindful break to keep us aware of our beautiful posture. For that reason I call Mini Yoga Pauses  “Happy Rituals” and  by doing them several times a day they do become “Habitual”

Workshop: Flow in the Classroom

The Flow in the Classroom Workshop provides simple and effective techniques to teachers and students, which help their class become more peaceful, more focused and more co-operative.

Yoga Through My Day: Happy Rituals as Habitual


Happy Rituals as Habitual (HRH) – How Do I  Infuse  Personal Mini Yoga Pauses anytime, anywhere?

It might be at the kitchen counter, in the park with kids or perhaps at the office to take a moment (literally) and make some space to realign our beautiful life energy and posture. The Happy Rituals as Habitual (HRH) set contains  23 snappy rhyming titles, to help you remember and 145 photographs with clear instructions.  Mini Yoga Pause Practices are designed to be either dynamic, stimulating or relaxing for our beautiful body.



Workshop: Yoga Through My Day

The Workshop YTMD will provide and demonstrate a range of helpful and simple practices that will remind women how naturally and easy it is to integrate beauty throughout their day.

Yoga Retreat for Women


Besides  recharging your  body and soul in beautiful Istria, you will learn simple but effective Yoga Through My Day  Techniques (YTMD) , which you will take away and use on a daily basis when ever you feel the need to.

We have a class for every body! Whether you are new to yoga or want to deepen your practice Be Here Now Yoga has a class for you. Whether you like a Gentle Flow or a fast paced Vinyasa there is a class for you.