A Little About Me

I believe that every woman has in her:
Sensuality and grace, stillness and fluidity,
Strength and gentleness, courage and easiness,
Calmness and passion, dedication and compassion,
Beautiful tears and smiles.

I love to encourage women to recognize their gifts and express them in an attentive, inclusive and open way through their days.

With YTMD I will show you how easily and simply you can:

  • Avoid slouching and hunching body positions.
  • Prevent or minimize long static positions and an over-active mind through the day.
  • Move through the day in a way that keeps your body free so you feel at ease during your daily activities.
Today at just over 50, my focus has shifted more toward women’s contemporary issues:

  • Living in a time of rapid changes.
  • Surrounded by many stimuli.
  • Being under pressure to make decisions quickly or take actions.
  • Staying too long in static or sedentary positions through the day.

A little about my past:

Yoga as an art which takes a holistic view of a person, came to me as a gift, which I have embraced into my life. My journey as a yoga teacher started in New Zealand, after completing my Master in Leisure and Recreation, I became an accredited Yoga teacher. I had taught yoga (Vinyasa Flow) to women, men and children. At That time I had three beautiful boys in primary school and I created Yoga Education in Schools Trust (YES) to also bring yoga to children in the classroom.

Although at that time, I was also developing the basis for Yoga Through My Day (YTMD). I found that Vinyasa flow and YTMD relate easily to each other. Both are applying continuous variations of conscious movements through transitions and transformations. 
Vinyasa flows on the yoga mat and YTMD flows in my life.

I share the benefits of YTMD with children, women, men and people with special needs in different institutions over the last 15 years. Currently, I live between Europe and New Zealand and to experience YTMD you can join me through workshops, retreats and Skype

With gratitude