Happy Rituals become Habitual (How Do I Infuse My Personal Mini Yoga Pauses anytime, anywhere in almost any clothes?)

It might be at the kitchen counter, in the park with kids or perhaps in the office to take a moment (literally) and make some space to realign our beautiful posture and life energy.

Our body is not made to be static for long periods in any position, that is why Mini Yoga Pauses help create a mindful break to keep us aware of our beautiful posture. For that reason I call Mini Yoga Pauses  “Happy Rituals” and by doing them several times a day they do become “Habitual”.

Yet every day at different times we can be in a different mood. More active and energized sometimes. More reflective and relaxed other times. That is why Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH) has three different mood “settings” and each pose has been specifically created to nurture our beautiful body.

 Dynamic poses: Dynamic flows for an energetic glow. This cycle of poses flows from one movement to another. They are open and expansive movements that awaken our whole body in an enthusiastic way. They are active, rhythmic movements that through a repetitive flow warm up our body and promote deeper and faster breathing.

 Stimulative poses: Gentle stimulation for better motivation. These poses aim to increase alertness and vital energy in a more gentle way than Dynamic Poses. The movements are slower and nurture our whole body through their focus on specific parts of the body.

 Relaxed poses: Relaxing the body and mind makes peace easy to find. These poses can help us to feel more grounded and calm during short periods of rest and guide us to surrender. By yielding into the pose, these postures promote stillness and balance through deep, slow, soft breathing.

It doesn’t matter where we are or how we feel, we can use any of these poses at any time, anywhere in almost any clothes. because there is no other gear needed. We can practice these poses  within different activities or as a pause throughout our day and to feel better.Mini Yoga Pause fun in the rain with a friend