Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring

Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring (How do I Nurture My Natural Posture and Movements Throughout My Day ?)

Our body is just amazing, magical, incredible, mysteries peace of art. From birth to death our body is changing all the time. But that’s a true life. Sooner we embrace and surrender to the life, lighter we move through it. How we literally move its up to us. Yes, our bodies are made to move with all feelings, thoughts and energy we have and express through the only body we have.

We have opportunities every day to practice natural postural habits during any daily activities. With our posture we hold each part of our body, from head to toes, not just when we do some exercises but also throughout the day. That’s why is important to nurture and practice a beautiful posture.  It can become a habit and gradually, doing it  without thinking, we can feel and we look beautiful. Enough reasons to do it.

We can feel our body in different ways throughout the day. It can be more or less on the move.  Even if are sitting, standing or lying we are not completely still. Only if we bring mindfulness in these poses we can keep our body more happy, while our internal organs are working their jobs and our breath is keeping us a life. Sometimes can be the most challenge to keep our thoughts in the stage we want.

Ooo yes, our body can hear everything what our mind says.

Factors like lifestyle and environment, for sure, influence our health. But factors which determinate our postures are genetics, ageing, work habits and injuries through the life. That’s why ideal posture is only an ideal beautiful posture for you. Good posture is developing a strong energy and power base, also for our thoughts, feelings, hormones and energy. Not looking for perfectionism but for our potentiality, as the individual, unique person who we are.How do we sit, stand or do something during the day?

Most of the time we are moving automatically, and we easily create wrong habits. Feeling a pain in lower back, neck, shoulders, having headaches, are all the signs that we are not tuned with own body through normal daily activities. That’s why its important  for us to practice beautiful postures. As we all come in different shapes and sizes,  each of us can find our own beautiful posture for ourselves.  We all share common benefits from our beautiful posture:

  •  We give our bodies a good supply of nutrients, not wrinkling internal organs
  •  We prevent stiffness in our  muscles or joints
  •  We let the flow of energy move through the channels in our body freely
  •  We permit proper breathing
  •  We make ourselves stronger
  •  We feel and look more beautiful

Our body is not made to be static for a long period of time, because of its the anatomy. This is something we can’t change. Often, feeling a pain in different parts of the body comes as a result of pushing it to an unnatural position, like slouching, hunching or slumping. And that’s not beautiful. Practicing a beautiful posture and movements through the normal daily activities help us to establish a good habit, from which we gain benefits for the life time and we feel them natural.

Beautiful posture doesn’t cost anything, you don’t need any extra equipment, you are not doing in competitive environment and its not another thing you have to fit in your busy day schedule. Its just a beautiful way to move through the day.

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