Beautiful Bearing For Self Caring

How To Nourish Beautiful Alignment Through Yoga Poses Adjustment?

BBFSC encourages applying a postural alignment when we move, sit or stand, to keep up our relaxed state through the day. Holding fixed postures, uncomfortable or hunchbacks your body say: No thanks!

That’s why BBFSC helps your body to feel light and free through any daily activities to avoid back pain, stiffness, tiredness and unattractive spinal curve.

Postural Alignment
It’s not another thing you have to add into your daily schedule or that you have to change what you are doing. It’s just about how you do it, what you are already doing, but beautifully. Which row below for your body is better to follow?
That’s why BBFSC doesn’t take extra time but you can easily keep postural alignment with what are you already doing. Examples above show how you can adjust body positions: being in front of the computer at the coffee table, trimming a hedge, applying make-up or texting on the phone in the beautiful or not beautiful way.

Yoga Poses

BBFSC shows how easy you can infuse yoga poses within any daily activity to feel your body mobility.
With our posture we hold each part of our body from head to toes, not just when we do some exercises, but also through the day. Yes, even in the kitchen.

Benefits of BBFSC are focusing on body movements, posture, and breathing during the day. It is about being mindful. I use BBFSC as postural alignment at work – when sitting at my desk. Yoga poses I do at the photocopier, like balance pose, at home when doing chores like cleaning or hanging out the landry. When driving home I do breathing techniques to prevent road rage. There are endless BBFSC tips you have shown me how and what I can do for myself throughout my day. Thank you for that.


BBFSC I infuse most of the time in my office and I do remind students in my classroom at school about posture. It’s important to bring awareness and practice our optimal posture because we all have the benefits of good posture. That’s a good part of YTMD, to share with others what I learned from you.


As we all come in different shapes and sizes each of us finds our proper posture for self. Not looking for perfectionism but for your potentiality, as the unique person that you are.
A Bathroom Place Our Private Space
Spending Time On The Floor Our Body Adore
Smartphone Hunchbacks? No Thanks
Be Aware How You Sit On The Chair

BBFSC shows you with a light approach and without hard rules how to nourish your beautiful alignment through yoga poses adjustment.