Be Guided In Your Online


Have Your Own Live Online Session,
From Home, The Office Or On Vacation.


Have a one-on-one session with me, to help transform your postural alignment, create good habits, and to support the unique person that you are

I will support you in how to:

  • Apply yoga poses during your daily activities, to help your body feel at ease, and to move naturally throughout your day
  • Infuse short and effective mini-breaks throughout your daily activities, to help correct the body’s imbalances during the day
  • Deepen your current yoga practice whether you are beginning or continuing yoga practice on yoga mat


A Private Online Session Can Be Conducted WIth A Family Or A Few Friends,
Making The Class As Relaxed And Friendly As Possible


With convenience and affordability, a small group yoga session is also a personal experience

I will guide you in each class differently, but each class will consist of:

  • Vinyasa flow
  • Self-massage, tapping and breathing techniques
  • Emphasis on postural alignment in yoga poses
  • Yoga Nidra at the end of the session
  • Live interaction with me


A Group Online Session Is Also An Opportunity For Your Suggestions

In our private sessions you really take time for me. We have managed to do it in early morning hours which works fine for me. I feel invigorated and positive the whole day after we’ve had our session. You are constant, loving and disciplined, the ingredients I’ve introduced into my life. I love the way you teach.


You have ability to recognise what person need. Your approach is holistic with YTMD. You have knowledge and experience from different fields and you know how to integrate and pass it to me. Your way of teaching Private session is great for people who think yoga is not for them.


I don’t have to go out – saves time and feels more relaxed. Because you are the best – you are passionate about yoga and sharing it with all -helping people feel good, being in the moment. Same as current yoga sessions – a good mix of movements, focusing on different areas, stretching, breathing techniques, and tapping. I learned even how to do self-body massage! Every time your session is different, but again you infuse all these things in every class and I feel well. That’s great.


I don’t need a baby sitter for my girl and I can be in my comfortable cloths in my comfortable place. And I like your flow yoga style of teaching. You interact with us through the session its not just following a class on the screen. You are a real person.


You are devoted and passionate. You can recognize the ability and limits of a person. You know to create space for humor and at the same time continue with sessions and be disciplined. Great balance. You can also details on the screen when you said to me: Gaga spread your fingers in downward dog! I learn so much about my posture and you help me to develop my potentiality. The way how you teach is easy to be in a group session.


Give Yourself The Gift Of Exploring The Many Advantages Of Online YTMD Practices