Yoga Through My Day (YTMD)

Anytime And Anywhere

How to Move Gracefully and Express Body Potential Playfully?

Every exercise we do in the morning or at the end of the day, is beneficial for us. However, what we do during the rest of the day is even more crucial. We can be in the kitchen, working in the garden or in front of the computer. We could be driving or waiting in the queue at the airport.

Most of the time in these activities our body can be used unconsciously, as a transport for our mind or as a tool to complete a task in the day. Positioning ourselves in slumped or slouched positions and spending too much time in sedentary or standing positions increase our health issues. The physical reaction and emotional reaction are simultaneous, because the form of our body triggers our mind and vice versa.

Integrating YTMD as a way anytime and anywhere is easy and simple.

YTMD consists of two intertwined strands.


How to Nourish a Beautiful Postural Alignment through Yoga Poses Adjustment?

BBFSC supports us to keep the body at ease and move with gravity through the day. It’s not another thing we have to add to our daily schedule or that we have to change what we are doing. It’s about how we are doing, what we are already doing, but beautifully.

Even brushing our teeth we can keep a postural alignment! Hopefully, a rhyme can remind you,

Invisible Chair Keeps My Rear In The Air.

We don’t need to keep our body in unnatural positions like slouching, hunching, slumping, or creeping through daily activities, do we? BBFSC navigates us on how to keep postural alignment and smoothly apply yoga poses when we do something.



How to remind our body and mind to pause anywhere and anytime?

HRBH reminds us to recognize opportunities through the day to infuse short mini breaks to rest and reset with yoga poses or movements. The power of pause is incredible. HRBH encourages us to install regular short breaks as a happy ritual and doing them regularly they do become habitual.

Everone’s body appreciates a short rest during the day. Hopefully, a rhyme can remind you, Rest is the Best.

In these sped-up times of changes, surrounded with so many stimuli, being too long in sedentary positions, or under pressure for quick decisions and actions, we need to pause more than ever. HRBH helps to prevent, relieve, or minimize highly static or sedentary positions and refresh ourselves with many benefits and the value of mini-breaks.


The way it’s presented – funny, with ease and positive. YTMD tips and tricks I can infuse in the office, when cooking, sometimes while driving, but still not often enough. That’s why I love your light and easy reminders which encourage me to do more often.


You remind me to bring awareness to my body and how I move. Your writing is short so I can always take time and really follow your instructions. That’s for me important. I feel these benefits through my day. I couldn’t believe how simple and short investment with YTMD for myself, I can feel instantly.


Instantly when I receive YTMD reminder I immediately pause, reading and applying to it. Usually in the office it’s a great reason to pause and just do all the movements required. Its short, simple but benefits are pleasant. YTMD reminds me to move from static position or remind me how I sit. Exactly what I need in the office. And you always add some humour to your post or video. I like your light approach with YTMD.


YTMD guides us to recognize opportunities through the day to express body potential beautifully on the principle of the minimum effort. It encourages us to apply body awareness within our daily activities and replace unconscious habits that don’t help us.

Using YTMD as a beautiful way, we can all do anywhere, anytime in almost any cloting and it stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Yoga Through My Day a Beautiful Way