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In this video I will introduce you to the significance of two intertwined strands of YTMD: Beautiful Bearing for Self Caring (BBFSC) and Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH). Please bring awareness to your body while you are watching this short video. Enjoy!

Peep into this small size (A5 format) spiral-bound booklet



Happy Rituals become Habitual (HRBH), is a small size (A% format) spiral-bound booklet of 114 pages divided into three parts. All three parts contain 23 short yoga-practice sequences written in witty rhymes with 145 pictures.

Aleks’s character and sens of fun infuse this book which is easy to follow. She simply guides you, to rest and reset your body anytime, anywhere in almost in clothes, to feel better throughout your day


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Are you able to tie your shoes in a squatting position, get in/out of the car or on/off the floor easily? Congratulations! Your hips, lower back and knees are happy. In case they are not, you can blame the couch, sitting, high heels, wrong habits, injuries or whatever comes to mind, but don’t blame yourself. It doesn’t help you.

So let’s move on and see, why to spend a few minutes every day on improving our hip mobility is important!

  • It doesn’t hold you back from doing the things that are important to you
  • It supports the weight of your body in static or dynamic postures
  • It can prevent hip or groin pain, stiffness, limping, swelling or tenderness
  • It encourages blood flow and circulation

We all want to feel freer in our body and be capable of doing whatever through the day, don’t we? To practice hip mobility we have to remember, there are no hard rules or tones to set exercise daily. It’s enough if we do fewer, shorter, but frequent movements and poses through the day. Yes, right now! Are you sitting, standing, lying down or moving? It doesn’t matter, you can always infuse hip mobility practice into your daily activities more often.

Here are a few yoga poses to improve your hip mobility and you can easily implement them through the day:

  • Simple standing motion – Raising the leg straight up in front, out to the side and back. Don’t forget you have two legs.
  • Squat – you can do on the ball of your feet, on whole feet or you have support at the back, just try to infuse squatting every day. Can you squat right now?
  • Figure four – sitting on the chair, lying on the floor or bed, as a mini-break pose through the day.
  • Pigeon pose – no need to fly, just remember to swap a pose on both legs and you can do modification with a pillow under your rear.

If you do any of these poses right now, how do you feel your hip joint? Your hips are the centre of your movement and the hip joint is the weight-bear. It allowed you to jump, run, walk, dance and we all love to do that, don’t we?

With Gratitude Aleks